Kesari Movie Review

Kesari Movie Review: The Battle of Saragarhi is considered one of the most inspiring stories of human valor and bravery, not just in India but around the world.

Director Anurag Singh’s film Kesari is a fitting homage to this story of Sikh soldiers.

It is a captivating war drama that combines strong emotions with blood-drenched plot and retells an important chapter from the annals of Indian history.

The best moments of the film are fueled by an impressive performance by Akshay Kumar.

Kesari is a strong movie because he has an innate sense of emotional intelligence and a raw shock.

It shows the cruelty of war and violence blatantly, always condemning the bloodshed and the eternal courage of the people.

It’s not just an action movie, it’s a war drama that spends a lot of time establishing its main characters and giving the audience a detailed and authentic look at a history of true patriotism.

The film was beautifully shot by Anshul Chobey and the production design Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray are equally important to make the dry and dusty environment of the Northwest Province (now in Khyber, Pakistan) look authentic.

Here, the CGI also contributes significantly to the fact that the snow-covered backdrop of the place looks perfect.

The editing, sound design and action choreography in Kesari are all first class.

The inclusion of Gatka, the Sikh martial arts, is also a nice moment. Even the Sheetal Sharma costumes add to the intricate detail.

The entire technical team of Anurag Singh earn standing ovations for this film.

Without good writing, you can not make a solid film, and there are also the efforts of Girish Kohli and Anurag Singh through.

The authors have seamlessly woven themselves into moments of high drama, humor, wit, sarcasm, tragedy and action in the narrative.

Best of all, there is also a lot of historical wisdom as the movie refers to Sikh and Islamic legends time and time again.

At one point, the main opponent explains that the British and the sikh members are inciting jihad, and his country commander reminds him that Islam does not first propagate the violence.

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